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Finding secular alternatives to AA – Henry Steinberger, Ph.D. Print; By Henry Steinberger, Ph.D. and finding a life with balance. Like AA, lifetime abstinence is the goal, and meetings and help are free. Unlike AA, lifetime abstinence need not require lifetime attendance at meetings. was a devout atheist and science-minded for his time.

A former Vancouver nurse is claiming his rights as an atheist were violated because his employer and. In November, 2013, a doctor recommended a treatment program, and that Wood attend AA meetings.

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Description and location of AA Toronto Agnostic Meetings. AA Toronto Agnostics. AA Toronto Agnostics. Home Toronto Agnostic AA Meetings Links Agnostic 12 Steps AA Comes of Age The God Word. (Near Gerrard and Coxwell) Toronto. Bellwood Freethinkers Sunday morning at 10:30am. Location. 175 Brentcliffe Road, Toronto

I went along to a couple of AA meetings in the area, but I couldn’t get on board with the God thing. It grated. At the same time, I was coming into contact with people who had been just like me and.

There has been an upgrade to the Meeting Guide APP See flyer for more. Volunteering can enhance your sobriety, and get you connected to Albuquerque AA.

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For recovering alcoholics who prefer an alternative to the emphasis on religion and higher power encountered in many meetings.

NON-RELIGIOUS AA meetings San Diego LINKS MIP Home Page. A.A. Group Home Page. Try searching the San Diego intergroup listings for agnostic or atheist meetings. Or check the online intergroup for agnostic/athiest resources, such as meetings or discussion sites:. Dr Bob has something to say on the subject near the end of his contribution.

It made no sense to me. I am Mom’s executor. That’s one of the reasons AA encourages anyone new to attend different meetings, if possible, and check out other groups. In many cities there are.

Jun 8, 2017. Meet other freethinkers, atheists, agnostics, nonbelievers, and humanists in the greater Sacramento. “We Agnostic” AA meeting More info

At my sponsor’s suggestion, I stood near the coffeepot and welcomed everyone who came by. I must have experienced a million smiles in a very short time. And when I pushed the broom all I concentrated on was the dust rising from it as I moved across the floor.

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Do I need to belong to that church or believe in God to attend an AA meeting?. When attending an AA meeting, sober alcoholics practice the saying. For some , that understanding favors an atheist or agnostic form of expression. week in the Lansing area there's a good chance one is happening right now, close to you.

Aug 10, 2017. Atheist/Agnostic. 20 other meetings at this location. of this site; it is not reviewed or approved by A.A. World Services or Oregon Area 58.

Please Note: Space Coast AA meetings are also listed in the Meeting Guide Mobile App OPEN MEETING = any alcoholic or non-alcoholic may attend. CLOSED MEETING = only alcoholics or those who have a desire to stop drinking may attend.

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Oct 13, 2016. Alcoholics Anonymous officially recognized atheist and agnostic membership. It is often said that everyone is welcome at a 12-Step meeting,

We Agnostics Kansas City is an Alcoholics Anonymous group in the Kansas City area. Our meetings are more secular than most, providing a supportive environment for anyone with a desire to stop drinking regardless of their religious or spiritual beliefs, or lack of belief.

For those people who want a better understanding of how a LifeRing meeting works you can read How Was Your Week. These books are available at the.

I'm involved in sponsoring men, going into jails and prisons for AA meetings, going into hospital detoxes. Atheists and Agnostics Step Into The Light in AA. The husband is standing next to me, but is a million miles away through intense.

We Agnostics AA is a secular Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Kansas City. is welcome at our meeting, one does not need to be agnostic or atheist. The only.

Agnostic / Atheist AA meeting in Orlando, Florida. Group Of Drunks was established for those. Click me for directions · mostly agnostics.png. Frequently Asked.

I creep through Los Angeles traffic on Interstate 10 toward my destination: an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting a couple. so I figured God hated me. Getting sober, I had to rework my understanding of.

She was nervous about meeting. woman he met at AA. She has a son who was 9 months old when they met. They have been together off and on for three years, with this summer being the first time all of.

Aug 21, 2017  · Are you looking for Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, or another Anonymous meeting near Boise, Idaho? Look no further. Addiction and alcoholism treatment isn’t for everyone. For those who do attend, having a solid aftercare plan in place is absolutely necessary. 12 step meetings in Boise, ID help thousands of addicts and alcoholics stay sober on a daily basis.

I bought a bunch of anti-AA literature and harshly judged the meetings that I was dragged to reluctantly by friends who’d gotten sober—friends with real addiction problems, not people like me who just.

Which Meetings can I go to? Open meetings are available to anyone interested in Alcoholics Anonymous' program of recovery from alcoholism. Closed.

Find meeting times and locations online or print a scheule. Event, newcomer, and contact information. Links to answer questions. Information in Spanish, too.

The Buddhist Recovery Network reserves the right to list or not list a meeting. Meetings can be both within the AA tradition and outside of the AA tradition (an example of the latter would be a Dharma discussion group held at a Buddhist Center by people in recovery for people in recovery).

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. those in Alcoholics Anonymous who consider themselves to be agnostic, atheist, Also, if you would like to chair a meeting, please sign up at the coffee bar.

He told me to go to a gay men’s Crystal Meth Anonymous meeting near my town that night. typically reads from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, which gets treated with as much reverence as the.

Description and location of AA Toronto Agnostic Meetings. AA Toronto Agnostics. AA Toronto Agnostics. Home Toronto Agnostic AA Meetings Links Agnostic 12 Steps AA Comes of Age The God Word. (Near Gerrard and Coxwell) Toronto. Bellwood Freethinkers Sunday morning at 10:30am. Location. 175 Brentcliffe Road, Toronto

"I’m trippin’ out right now, man" Head said, walking through Manhattan to catch a ride to our AA meeting. "This is the most. both born-again Christians and a staunch atheist still seemed very.

And I’ve told rooms full of near-strangers about my. appeals to so many, including atheists. AA is replete with slogans like “Let go and let God” and “meeting makers make it.” But the one that has.

Byron Wood lost his job as a nurse after refusing to continue with daily Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. (Bethany Lindsay/CBC) There’s a saying in Alcoholics Anonymous: "It works if you work it." But.

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Jul 10, 2016. So a program like AA or Al-Anon has not really been realistic for me. But, for over a year I have considered going to an Al-Anon meeting. I know.

It’s a warm fall morning near the Texas. door of the American Atheists headquarters said, cryptically, that the family had been called away on "an emergency basis." It was later discovered that.

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In AA I have always been an atheist. Yet on Australia Day, I was 42 years free of alcohol and other drugs – which is wonderful, but what really matters is what I am going to do from now on. And the.

BW: AA is a place I went to get help for my drinking. Although armed with an advanced degree, to my surprise and alarm, my drinking had steadily become a problem for me and left me feeling ashamed and.

Oct 16, 2009. Thinking about that issue reminded me of a question I was asked. How is an atheist supposed to work a step that directly involves god and praying?. and an AA meeting is brought in from the outside, or if near the end of.

Find AA(Alcoholics Anonymous) Meetings Across the Nation. We are pleased to be interfacing individuals with AA meetings across the nation. We are always striving hard to provide best possible information for you or your loved ones to fight the addictions. Click on one of the states that you want to search for a AA meeting.

Home page for AA Toronto Agnostic Meetings. Beyond Belief meeting locations and times changed for Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. As of May 1, 2018.

I went to an AA meeting once and immediately got weirded out by the emphasis of. That said, no 2 locations have the same type of meeting.

I have read about local AAgroups, but they don’t seem right for me because I’m an atheist. When I went to my doctor. It has face-to-face support groups worldwide, as well as daily online meetings.

(Even if these people do not want you anywhere near. Alcoholics Anonymous and all other off-shoots of 12 Step cults, is a euphemistic term for sexually preying on women, (and sometimes women on men.

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Jan 25, 2019  · Best of all, since Alcoholics Anonymous is founded on principles, not personalities, you can rest assured that you will always be able to find comfort and healing within AA meeting halls. Let’s take a look at some of the best AA meetings in a few of Washington State’s major cities:

Dallas AA Central Office. 6162 E Mockingbird Lane, Suite 213, Dallas TX 75214.…… Phone 214-887-6699

Oct 23, 2018. There are several alternatives to the 12-Step AA approach that may work. SMART Recovery programs offer both local in-person meetings and.

The Live and Let Live Alano Club hosts more non-traditional AA meetings than. instrumental in providing specialty meetings, including for atheists, agnostics,

I’m an atheist, so it’s pretty ironic that my epic celebration of Easter Sunday 2008 is what ultimately landed me in an AA meeting. On that fateful Sunday, my biological mother (I was adopted because.