Atheist Guide To The Bible

I’m atheist. I don’t believe in a personal God. popularity in the U.S. will rationalize even the most egregious violations of that principle. The Bible should not be treated as authoritative, but.

Roy Moe, president of the Iowa Atheists and Freethinkers, in his Jan. 29 letter to the editor ["Bible study law is divisive and exclusionary"], heaps effusive praise on Rekha Basu’s column the week.

"If we’re not going to use something spiritual or religious to serve as a guide for. of like-minded atheists and agnostics. "It’s more defensive than offensive," Scott says. "When we have.

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Some atheists argue that there should be a library or cachet of religious material at the check-in desk of a hotel from which any guest could order a Bible, Torah or Koran. believed in allowing.

Philosophy professor Larimore Nicholl’s guest column promoting atheism as the only worldview for intelligent people is interesting but flawed. He asserts "science is eclipsing religion," and "modern.

Besides the questions on Jewish practice, history and text, seven questions were about Christianity, nine were about the Bible, including the New Testament, nine were about “world religions,” two were.

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because being an atheist takes conscious effort, and at 14 there were too many other things to be conscious of. Dawkins spends a lot of time pointing out that many of the claims in the Bible are false.

An atheist organization is demanding that the Missouri National. "In light of the coercive atmosphere of the recruitment office, our client felt pressured to take a free Bible." The distribution,

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American Atheists and Pennsylvania Nonbelievers, who are protesting a recent bill passed by Pennsylvania state lawmakers that declares 2012 as the Year of the Bible. The billboard went up on Tuesday.

A letter writer suggested that if all Christians and atheists conform to Jesus Christ’s words regarding. the golden rule would be much more appropriate than a quote from the Bible: “Do unto others.

An Alabama man with terminal cancer who said he was an atheist for most of his life decided he wanted. Agricola read Romans 6:4-11 from the Bible but addressed Roberts before reading the passage.

Bring your Bible to school. I don’t care. But when I have elected officials trying to influence my life and my family’s life based on their religious beliefs and traditions and preferences, I have a.

Kemp gave Amber Guyger, 31, a hug and a Bible after the former Dallas police officer was sentenced to 10 years in prison for fatally shooting Botham Jean, 26. The move brought condemnation from.

After the sentencing, Kemp stepped down from the bench, handed Guyger a Bible, and encouraged her to find peace. Because this act of kindness was out of line with proper judicial protocol, the atheist.

Back in October 2010, famed atheist Christopher Hitchens and Christian author and. Taunton told Hitchens he sounded like he was nostalgic for a church that took the Bible seriously. “He turned to.

An Alabama man with terminal cancer who said he was an atheist for most of his life decided he wanted. Agricola read Romans 6:4-11 from the Bible but addressed Roberts before reading the passage.

Last May, the Community Men’s Fellowship, a local Christian group, took advantage of that arrangement, placing a 5-foot, 6-ton stone slab engraved with the Bible’s Ten Commandments. (PHOTOS: Atheists.