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Though Biggie’s face and image have been seen and used on numerous products over the years they have indeed been given the legal greenlight by Ms. Wallace and Faith Evans. Yes. whose brand and.

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It’s been 20 years since the 1997 death of iconic rapper Notorious B.I.G., and his widow, R&B singer Faith Evans, said she is still seeking closure two decades later. "[His mother] Ms. Wallace and I.

Despite their family, especially Faith’s son, CJ with ex-husband, Biggie Smalls not being fond of the rushed union, Mr. & Mrs. Jordan proceeded with life as normal. However, fans weren’t (are still.

The aftermath of shock is still lingering after the news of an elopement between Bad Boy Records original stars Faith Evans and Stevie J even two days after the pair reportedly got hitched in Las.

When Faith Evans first met Notorious B.I.G. at a Bad Boy Records photo shoot in 1994, she was charmed. He fought to get her phone number and didn’t ask her — he instead declared — that one day "I’m.

This forced Ms. Wallace and Faith Evans to take legal action. the power—both emotional and financial—of a musician whose brand and persona are still appreciated, recognized, and replicated more.

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Stevie J and Faith Evans have been huge talking points heading into the new. and is currently involved in a custody battle with Hernandez. “We’re still negotiating that. We are gonna take it all as.

Faith Evans and Stevie J are presenting a united front against all the buzz there’s trouble in their marriage — but the jury’s still out based on palpable tension between them in New Orleans. Faith.

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A quick exchange on Twitter had Stevie J proclaiming his love to the singer: "I love you Faith Renee Jordan." Evans, whose last name still appears in her Twitter handle, responded in kind. This news.

and Faith Evans’ (now Jordan) new video “A Minute. and “Nothing’s impossible,” I’m still a little foggy about how and why this happened. But Faith did offer this: “Everybody thinking we both crazy.

After knowing and working with Stevie J for over ten years, Faith Evans obliged to starting a relationship with. You know what I’m saying?” Adding, “I still love him; I love him as a friend,” she.

The Source: What were some of insecurities you’ve struggled with and how did you overcome them in the music industry? Faith Evans: I had insecurities in. I really express to people because I still.

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Faith Evans recently sat down with. On the advice she’d give to that young woman, Evans said, “Whatever advice I would have given her, I do know that she still would’ve married B.I.G. because.

Hip-Hop Snoop Dogg and R&B songstress Faith Evans have signed a petition with hopes that Harlem. He now goes by Amir Junaid Muhadith. However, while he was still in the music industry, he made an.

Meanwhile, while the rapper’s widow Faith Evans says in a new interview that she does not have. I wouldn’t say it feels different though. I still feel like there’s a huge part of my life that’s.