Orisa Scientific Spirituality

New African Spirituality. These systems are inside of our body, and in both the physical and subtle world. Ifa is a nature base religion. The rituals, initiations, parables, and songs give us the information we need to study the mechanics of the natural world. Understanding Ifa and the Odu is.

The Orisa Lifestyle Academy is the world leader in the teaching art and science of Orisa Lifestyle, having helped more than 50,000 people re-connect with the roots of Yoruba Spirituality. Our comprehensive, developmentally appropriate approach to Orisa Lifestyle builds confidence, and our results provide clarity – a clear view of your spiritual.

They have had spiritual significance. Santeriá, Orisha/Shango Baptists and Voudou, venerate the deities who govern freshwaters. Kimberly John is the Science Program Manager for The Nature.

IFA: Yoruba Scientific Spirituality Who is Osumare (O-shu-mah-ray)? He is the orisa of the instinctual realm or our r-complex part of our brain. The r-complex is symbolized by two emblems: the snake and the rainbow. This was later taught to the Kemetic students of Ife, who translated it as the uraeas.

Mar 04, 2019  · In this episode we dive deeply into the role of women in African Traditional Religion past and present. Our guests are priestesses Iya Funlayo E. Wood, PhD is a scholar-priestess of Ifa-Orisa, intuitive tarot reader, traveler, and public speaker whose mantra is ?scholarship, service, and spirit!? She earned her doctorate from Harvard University currently at the Center for Black Studies.

Their rituals are said to contain the oldest spiritual and supernatural perspectives about the. At the same time, Maha Vishuva Sankranti is celebrated widely in Orissa as Odia new year by offering.

Indian Institute of Science and Engineering. Adhyatmik Vishwavidyalaya (Spiritual University), Delhi, North Orissa University of Agriculture & Technology, Odisha, and Sree Bodhi Academy of Higher.

“Drawing directly from Ifa, the vast corpus of divination poetry used by the followers of the Yoruba Orisa traditions worldwide. performer who explores how race intersects with family, spirituality.

It is a spiritual tradition, and understanding of ethics, a process of spiritual transformation and a set of corpus of texts (odu) that are the basis for a complex system of divination. Ifa is an indigenous, earth centered African spiritual tradition which was conceptualized by the Yoruba people and also practised by the African diaspora in the Americas and the Caribbean.

The spirituality of imperfection, steeped in the rich traditions of the Hebrew prophets and Greek thinkers, Buddhist sages and Christian disciples, is a message as timeless as it is timely. This insightful work draws on the wisdom stories of the ages to provide an extraordinary wellspring of hope and inspiration to anyone thirsting for spiritual growth and guidance in these troubled times.

Yemoja is the orisha of trance in IFA: Orisa Scientific Spirituality. This trance is symbolized by the currents of the river, for which Yemoja is associated. The trance state is defined as the state where your consciousness has stepped aside so that the subconscious rises to lead your conscious state.

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And whereas some people believe albinos body parts are good for rituals, others, especially in Nigeria and Africa, think albinism is spiritual. of albinos all because of their skin colour. But.

I know there are lots of scientific studies about how music and dance affect. support what I and many of you already have experienced and know on a visceral and spiritual level. This is not to.

Introduction to Orisha – students will explore the nature of the divinities called Orisha and Irunmole in Ifa Orisha Spirituality. Orisa songs – students will learn some Orisa songs, words, and meanings to help with running into the energy. Egbe- Students will learn about the importance and significance of Egbe and the invisible realm.

Yemoja is the orisha of trance in IFA: Orisa Scientific Spirituality. This trance is symbolized by the currents of the river, for which Yemoja is associated. The trance state is defined as the state where your consciousness has stepped aside so that the subconscious rises to lead your conscious state.

Orisa spiritual practice is not meant to be a religion in my opinion it is becoming that based on political purposes coupled with how the elders of your house or temple was influenced. Orisa spirituality is a lifestyle a way of conducting yourself that is based off of good character good behavior and.

He said “The Yoruba traditional beliefs see the world as a product of two connected worlds; the visible world of material life and the invisible spiritual world. were a life of philosophy and.

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Mar 12, 2018  · Orisa Forces of Nature; Artist Falokun Fasegun; Album Introduction to Ifa; Licensed to YouTube by CD Baby (on behalf of Falokun Fasegun); CD Baby Sync Publishing; Song Kèlè; Artist

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IFA: Orisa Scientific Spirituality is not a religion like Christianity or Islam that you can just claim because you want to go to heaven. There is no speech like in Islam and Christianity to profess Ifa and make it so. Ifa is also not a bunch of flamboyant rituals like Hinduism.

Sep 15, 2018  · Black Gods: Orisa Studies in the New World. This is a great African spirituality book for those interested in learning more about the Yoruba system (properly called Ifa).

Indian Institution of Science and Engineering in Delhi, Viswakarma Open University for Self-employment in Delhi, Adhyatmik Vishwavidyalaya (Spiritual University) in Delhi, BadaganviSarkar World Open.

IFA: Òrìṣa Scientific Spirituality August 8, 2018 · While you’re busy worshipping that beige or white deity called Jesus, or following the beige Mohammad, or some other non-Black deity that doesn’t look a thing like you and hasn’t done a thing for you, I’ll be worshipping the Black woman.

It is far from a scientific sample but. to orient her work toward Shango, the orisha, or deity, of power and bravery. Her anxiety dissolved, she said, as she saw an opportunity to reconnect her art.

Seen as an “ideal endpoint” of human development, wisdom encompasses criteria such as self-transcendence, personal strength, spiritual change and feelings. of more meaningful lives. Modern.

We thought India had a more scientific approach to its own history. dedicated to goddess Mumba. We believe in spirituality and that’s what the country should stand for. In fact, any party that.

The BBC correspondent in Nigeria, Hillary Andersson, says the festival in Oshogbo has grown massively over recent years – at a time when the Orisha religion is under threat from scientific scepticism.

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In Delhi, Commercial University Ltd, United Nations University, Vocational University, ADR–Centric Juridical University, Indian Institution of Science and Engineering, Adhyatmik Vishwavidyalaya.

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Aug 27, 2013  · The Yoruba spirituality survived better under Spanish and Portuguese Catholicism than the English Evangelical Christianity. Catholicism had parallels similar to the Yoruba Faith. A belief in an almighty God who had many helpers (saints and angels). When the Yoruba converted to Catholicism, they made their Orisha’s into saints.

Priests & Priestesses of the tradition (called Babalawos, Iyanifas, and Olorisas) serve collectively as representatives and shareholders of the Ifa Orisha divinatory spiritual system. A person comes for a consultation, concise information is given and often an ebo (sacrifice) is asked to be performed by or on behalf of the person.

6. Indian Institution of Science and Engineering, New Delhi 7. Viswakarma Open University for Self-employment, India, Rozgar Sewasadan, 672, Sanjay Enclave, Opp. GTK DEPOT, New Delhi110033 8.