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2015/04/22  · Have you ever wondered – which are the most Catholic states in the US?Of course you have, it is only natural for every human on this planet to be curious about the religion in some way.

Analyzing global data from 1995 to 2008, researchers found abortion rates have remained relatively stable since 2003. Still, abortion rates vary greatly across the world – and in some cases are.

Analyzing global data from 1995 to 2008, researchers found abortion rates have remained relatively stable since 2003. Still, abortion rates vary greatly across the world – and in some cases are.

What Is The Oldest Christian Religion 2009/05/30  · Indian Hindus claim that Hinduism is the oldest religion, but Bible teaches us that God created all this in Jewish form. If so, why do those Vedas and upanishads say they are older than the Bible? Your question seems

A 1994/95 survey (2,3) of nearly 10,000 abortion patients showed 18% of women having abortions are born-again or Evangelical Christians. Many of these women are likely anti-choice. The survey also showed that Catholic women have an abortion rate 29% higher than Protestant women.

2014/01/21  · The funny thing is that my abortion made me realize that I do want to be a mother. And I’m happy I discovered that at a young age. Chris: I grew up in an Irish Catholic.

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An Analysis of Abortion Facts And Statistics, 1970-2016. Last month I wrote an article debunking Planned Parenthood‘s claim that “1 in 3 American women have had an abortion”. You’d think that an article on abortion would’ve been easy to research, since it’s such a hot button issue.

2016/01/05  · Abortion laws around the world: from bans to easy access. Iceland and the UK restrictions are in place yet abortion rates remains relatively high.

Here in the United States, Sister Margaret McBride was excommunicated after authorizing a life-saving abortion in 2010 for a gravely ill woman at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix. It is unreasonable to expect that every Catholic hospital in the country will have a dissenting nun willing to be excommunicated or a doctor willing to be fired to prevent women from being killed.

Police are forced to caution and separate some protestors as emotions run high outside NSW Parliament ahead of a debate between MPs over a controversial abortion bill. Mary’s Catholic.

Abortion Rates Higher for Religious Women I have studied the abortion and religion link for years. Many studies demonstrate that the vast majority of women having abortions are religious women. A few religious women have written to me, disagreeing with this statistic. They feel.

In a 2005 study, 73% of women undergoing an abortion said not being able to afford a baby now was a reason for the abortion. That number rose to 81% for women below the federal poverty line. 1 And while the abortion rate for American women declined by 8% between 2000 and 2008, among poor American women it increased by 18%. 2

2012/04/27  · Many say abortion is the closest thing to a solution in cases of rape. Here’s research that shows it isn’t in the best interest of either mother or child. It’s widely held that when dealing with abortion, rape and incest are special cases. Most people will say abortion is the closest thing to.

2016/01/13  · Who’s driving high abortion rates? It’s the religious right. “The abortion rate was. It just warms the heart to see Protestant and Catholic fundamentalists setting aside their.

2008/06/28  · CATHOLIC PRO-LIFE campaigners say the Government is to blame for a rise to a record high in the abortion rate. According to new government figures, the number of women having abortions last year rose to 198,500 in 2007, an increase of 2.2 per.

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We have a saying in the world of therapy. “Secrets kill.” Thus is the path of many women after abortion. Don’t talk. Don’t feel. Keep the secret. – Trudy M. Johnson, M.A., LMFT What can a.

Influences on young women’s decisions about abortion or motherhood; Influences on young women’s decisions about abortion or motherhood. Ellie Lee, Steve Clements, Roger Ingham and Nicole Stone. and with older people in selected communities with relatively high rates. Three main themes were covered – the availability of abortion services and.

2018/12/13  · In 2013, the rate for teens under age 151 was 2 per 1,000, compared with 6 per 1,000 for teens ages 15 to 17 and 18 per 1,000 among teens ages 18 to 19. Although the abortion rate is higher among older teens, the proportion of pregnancies that end in abortion is twice as high among those younger than age 15 as among their older peers. 3]