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To sightsee free and easy on your own, download my Rick Steves Audio Europe app (self-guided walking tours for London, Paris, Rome, Vienna and more). Transit touring: Hop-on, hop-off sightseeing buses.

long line snaking around the towering fortified walls of Vatican City, where people wait for up to two hours to buy tickets. However, there and at most big sights, you can bypass lines by reserving an.

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The Vatican Museum, starring the Sistine Chapel, now has an online reservation system ( that’s a godsend. If you’re visiting in the morning, a ticket reservation.

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It’s not uncommon to find hour-or-more waits in ticket-buying lines and rooms packed shoulder. sights like these are a thrill to see — and worth every sweaty second. Rick Steves (

Admission tickets help fund plans to remove the soil above the Domus. It’s a fascinating look at Rome’s ancient port, in use for 600 years. Rick Steves’ "Rome 2019" calls it "Pompeii without the.

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In the rare event that service is not included, 5-10% is appropriate, and Rick Steves points out that 10% is considered. churches like Notre Dame in Paris and St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City.

The deals from Scott’s Cheap Flights usually only last for a day or two so you have to be flexible enough to jump on the tickets quickly. Alternatively, we also love the Rick Steves Free Audio Self.

Fortunately, many popular sights sell reserved tickets with entry times (often with a small booking. If there’s a line, there’s usually a way to avoid it. Rick Steves writes European travel.