What Sikhism Teaches

At Sikh temples in Sacramento, Fresno. The best of all religions, he says, tend to teach the same thing — kindness to others, accepting whatever comes your way and appreciation for what’s in front.

In this video footage that has gone viral, a Sikh boy is seen thrashing a boy of Caucasian origin, who was apparently trying to bully him. The infuriated Sikh boy is seen punching the bully In a viral.

A Sikh humanitarian campaigner has been allegedly racially targeted. He said he forgives the woman who made the remark and.

They’re visiting Sikh temples and public squares to teach the art of the turban to the devout and curious. On April 17 they taught Sikhs of all ages new tricks at the Supreme Sikh Society’s Gurdwara.

And one of the earliest arrivals was Swaranjit Arora, who came in the ’60s and arrived in Milwaukee in 1972 to teach at the University of Wisconsin. He talked with us about how things have changed.

Sikhism was born in the Punjab area of South Asia. Dyer felt that he had been obliged to teach a moral lesson to the Punjab. Realising the damage that had been done, the British rapidly retired.

That’s what our life is all about," said Rattan, who proclaimed, "I am a Sikh warrior!" after he exited the gas chamber during nuclear, biological and chemical phase of his training. "It is what the.

“I teach in a school that’s very diverse. We’ve had Sikh kids,” she said. Before the class, she didn’t know much about their faith. And these students benefit from the exchange as well. “Kids can take.

At Sikh temples in Sacramento, Fresno. The best of all religions, he says, tend to teach the same thing – kindness to others, accepting whatever comes your way and appreciation for what’s in front.

A special ceremony called taking Amrit is the way to become Khalsa Sikhs. Wearing the Five Ks is how many Sikhs show their commitment. Here, 11-year-old Taran and his brother Joven show us what.

"We never lose the hope," his elder son, Raghuvinder Singh, said. "God is able to do anything he wants." Sikhism teaches forgiveness and peace, as well as the idea of living in "chardhi kala." The.

what Sikhism teaches us to do is broaden the mind and see the bigger picture. Q: Why did Sikhs migrate to the Okanagan? A: It was always the want to have a better life for your kids. Canada being a.

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Find out about the Sikh faith through the eyes of a young practicing Sikh called Simran (aged 11) and her family These short films are from the original BBC series, My Life, My Religion. Suitable for.

And the Sikhs have – you know, traditionally, what does Sikhism preach? It preaches the existence of one God. It teaches universally accepted ideals of honesty, compassion, humility, piety, etc. Now,

UNIDENTIFIED MAN #8: We teach our kids the American values go hand-in-hand with the Sikh values – tolerance, religious freedom, gender equality. Having that opportunity available for my daughter to.

“Islam and Sikhism teaches that the oppressed must be protected,” he said. He acknowledged that even opposition in India was raising voice against the atrocities being committed against the Kashmiris.

Rahuldeep Singh Gill, a Sikh whose research focuses on the Sikh tradition, is an assistant professor at California Lutheran University, where he teaches "Introduction to Christianity," a required.

Sikhism teaches the full equality of men and women. Women can participate in any religious function or perform any Sikh ceremony or lead the congregation in prayer.

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Hinduism is a highly ritualistic faith replete with soothsayers, mystics, and astrologers. Sikhs teach: "Empty religious rituals and superstitions have no value." It rejects fasting, religious.

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