Zentangle Spirituality

There’s another cool way to reach a meditative state—the innovative and unconventional Zentangle. While doodling and creating marvellous repetitive patterns on paper, you can calm your mind and feel.

Zentangle® is an easy to learn technique of creating beautiful art from patterns that are simple and repeated with deliberate strokes. No art skills are necessary. Beginning with simple tools; pen,

Are you stressed out? Is your mind chaotic all the time? Then why not try your hand at zen tangling? Zentangle is an art form that involves creating structured designs by drawing intricate patterns on.

Cue Zentangle, the art of meditative doodling. Part of a series by the online Silver Talkies Magazine on Learning Something New, the Zentangle workshop at Atta Galatta, conducted by Dilip Patel, was.

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While Swetha’s style is pop art, Anjana has gone the zentangle way, which is the rage right now. The illustrator at Paper Planes explains her style, saying, “My style is simple and minimal. I usually.

While sitting meditations are probably the most common way to practice quieting your mind, there are several styles of meditation, from transcendental, spiritual, guided, mindfulness, focused —.

Anjana, an architect by profession and a zentangle and mandala artist by passion, says, “When I saw them at Writer’s Cafe, smiling and doing things with so much enthusiasm, I wanted to capture that.

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"As girls, we ought to live and grow big from that point," says Anoushka who gave life to the idea through her zentangle work of art titled ‘Stand Up’. The work is one among the 36 exhibits at P’Art.

Work will be from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Saturday. 5. The Dover Mothers’ Association is hosting a zentangle event next Thursday, Aug. 8. According to its website, zentangle is "a fun,

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At an event like this you can get original art work that is af fordable, and it makes it easy for people who want to start a collection,“ says Sandhya Manne, certified zentangle teacher, who is.

My art work centres around mandala, a traditional Tibetan art form and gives a contemporary look to it using patterns and zentangles." As an artist, she would define her work as a structured form and.

City Express caught up with Mary Venmathi, founder of Maven Art Academy, who has been taking workshops on coffee painting, zentangle and other art forms for several years. “Coffee painting was not.

Pre-requisite: Zentangle® 101 or equivalent. Date: November 28 from 2 – 5pm Dates and times of events are subject to change without notice. Always check the event organizer’s website for the most.

“There are higher chances of people practising it because it is more fun than meditation” A clinical psychologist Dr Vijayageetha who works as a fertility expert has introduced zentangles to assess.

Self-taught artists Anjana and Meenakshi specialise in zentangles, a meditative art form using structured patterns. "We did our first major work in June at the Writer’s Café, run by female burn.

In my case, I was doubtful if there was even a market for zentangle art pieces, because there are so many apps with which you can create your own art and just print it out,” said Ishwarya, who started.

Zentangle ® is an easy to learn technique of creating beautiful art from patterns that are simple and repeated with deliberate strokes. No art skills are necessary. Beginning with simple tools – pen,